Our Products are "S'awesome"!

page2_pic1We specialize in mouthwatering original gourmet BBQ sauce!

Just apply our Swampys sauce to your grilled, barbecued, baked, broiled or roasted foods and you will come back for more. Whether it's hot-dogs or filet mignon, Swampys sauce will make it better!

Designed to complement - rather than overwhelm - the subtle flavors of our sauces range from mild to mildly incendiary. Our award-winning sauces provide savory treatments for meats and popular general-purpose condiments for side dishes. Everything from fries to broccoli gets better with Swampy’s Sauce!

With hard work and attention to quality,our family recipe has perpetuated the growth of our sauce line to a family of sauces, all with the distinct flavor found only in Swampy's products. Our products are available at select retailers and online!




The reasons why we have been successful are because of our passion for great tasting foods. A passion that was passed down by generations, creating life long memories of the times spent around the table with family and friends eating. We are dedicated to creating delicious quality products with exceptional service, all the time.


Swampy's BBQ Sauce caters in our area in SE Washington for all occasions. We do our bbq'ing on mobile pits using hardwoods to smoke our meats. Our passion is not only for a great tasting sauce, but an amazing eating experience. If you are interested in having your event catered by us, email us at ron@swampysbbqsauce.com with your contact information.


We do what we say we are going to do. The idea of an 'honest business' is hard to find these days, but Swampys is guided by a moral compass that treats other people the way we would want to be treated and ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.



I ordered this product online at the suggestion of a friend...and WOW, I'm glad I did. How can I get this product in the stores in Tacoma? Thanks for making such an incredible product.

We have posted our ingredients, which can be found here.

Our original and spicy sauce contain similar ingredients, which can be found here.

We can bbq for parties of 25 up to 1000. For more info contact ron@swampysbbqsauce.com

Not at this time, but we have big plans for 2016!