I am a barbecue aficionado. Well actually, I an equal opportunity food aficionado; but barbecue is one of my specialties. I’m picky on taste, texture, temperature and taste… oh, wait, I said that… but isn’t that what BBQ is all about? Yes, the taste!! Since all of our tastebuds are different; I had to think twice when submitting this testimonial. You may have a taste for Kansas City style ‘cue; while the guy next to you may prefer Memphis… here’s what you can count on when you try Swampy’s BBQ Sauce and what comes off of his massive grill: Great taste cooked perfectly. And Swampy’s Sauce is perfect for all things meaty… I don’t know how he does it… the sauce is very tasty; but it doesn’t overload my palate! This is a four-star, “must try on everything” sauce.

- A. Griffin