Swampy’s Story

Missouri is home to some of the nations best BBQ and, of course, swampland. It's no wonder this is where Swampy's story begins. Our founder was raised in his swampy, flavor filled neck of the woods by parents who enjoyed cooking including a father who loved to experiment with recipes. Pop's passion was passed down to Swampy and his brothers who embraced cooking with a three-toothed grin.

Years later Swampy revisited his roots and began making his own BBQ sauce with the help of his good friend Big John. After five...read the rest of our story!

Try it. It’s Sawesome!

Designed to complement – rather than overwhelm – the subtle flavors of our sauces range from mild to mildly incendiary. Our award-winning sauces provide savory treatments for meats and popular general-purpose condiments for side dishes. Everything from fries to broccoli gets better with Swampy’s Sauce.